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Imagine that you can...
Create breathtaking melodies & chord progressions without spending decades learning music theory
Overcome "inspiration-block" fast and finish your music faster
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midi pack
Sample Ocean Ultimate MIDI Pack is the biggest collection of 1600+ production ready Chord Progressions & Melodies that allows any producer to change their music making game forever.
100% Royalty-Free
The Ultimate MIDI Pack is Free for Commercial Use forever. Freely use it in your music!
Simple To Use
Drag & Drop to your DAW, explore chord progressions, melodies, and don't waste much time on the trial and error approach.
Without further ado - The Ultimate MIDI Pack Progressions & Melodies In Action:
Slow R&B
Mysterious Trap
Big Room
Dark Soul
Sweet Lo-Fi
Something Beautiful
Great Outro
What’s Inside
ultimate midi pack
1608 x <span style={{fontWeight: 600}}>MIDI Files</span>
1608 x MIDI Files
1608 MIDI format (.mid) file that you can import to your DAW.
804 x Combinations <span style={{fontWeight: 600}}> <br/>(Melody + Chords)</span>
804 x Combinations
(Melody + Chords)
Each combination contains 2 MIDI files: melody and chord progression.
Sorted <span style={{fontWeight: 600}}>By Keys</span>
Sorted By Keys
Pack contains 12 folders that are sorted by keys.
<span style={{fontWeight: 600}}>All DAWs</span> Compatible
All DAWs Compatible
MIDI files are compatible with all DAWs and music editors.
100% <span style={{fontWeight: 600}}> Royalty-Free</span>
100% Royalty-Free
The pack is 100% royalty-free, so you can freely use it with the music you produce!
<span style={{fontWeight: 600}}>7 Day-Moneyback</span><br/>Guarantee
7 Day-Moneyback
If you are not satisfied with the pack during the first 7 days after purchase - email us and you will receive a refund.
Ultimate Creativity.
Ultimate Power.
No more complex music theory concepts. No more trial & error...
We've done all the hard work for you already.
Take any chord progression with the melody from over 1600+ options available and bootstrap your music!
How To Use The Pack
Take melody & progression with the same number from 804 options.
Drag the files to your project. It works with any DAW!
It’s time to work on your track!
Limited Edition Pack
Grab Your Copy While It's Available.
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Here Is What You Get:
Ultimate MIDI Pack
Pack Value: $129
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Limited Edition
Total Value: $196
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What Pros Are Saying
  • Cesar Butler
    Mastering Guru from Philadelphia, U.S.
    I've found this MIDI pack to be super useful for my own production. Would recommend. Thank you!
  • SokolovBeats
    20k fans. Russian YouTuber. Featured on Spotify Music playlists.
    This pack is fire. I’d love to have it when I just started - it would save me a couple years of **ck-ups.
  • Nick Balesny
    Hobby Producer from Estonia
    I absolutely enjoy the melodies from this MIDI pack!
  • Steve Clinton
    Music Producer from California, U.S.
    Great fit for my writer's block that happens from time to time. 10/10.
We guarantee that if you try the Ultimate MIDI pack, you will be satisfied. And, if for some reason you don't feel like that is true, then just shoot us an email at [email protected] within 7 days and we’ll refund you. Easy.
Do I Need Music Theory Knowledge To Use MIDI Pack?
No, You don't. This Ultimate MIDI Pack helps you to create the top-notch music even if you don't know music theory at all. Just choose melody and progression, add some drums – and your track is almost done.
Can I use these MIDI files and publish my tracks on Spotify, Apple Music or other streaming platforms?
Yes, you can. This Ultimate MIDI Pack is 100% royalty-free.
How will the Ultimate MIDI Pack be delivered to me?
We will send the Ultimate MIDI Pack to your e-mail immediately after the purchase.
What’s inside the Sample Ocean MIDI Pack?
This Ultimate MIDI Pack consists of 804 melodies, 804 chord progressions for them and instructions on how to use the pack with your DAW.
What payment options are available?
Secure payment through credit or debit cards are available. Also, we provide 7-days money-back guarantee for your purchase.